Carbide drill bit why easy to break, this article gives you a summary of the following reasons, be sure to read it, you also line helpful.


The first point is the material reason. The main component of cemented carbide is Wu, which is brittle, hard and easy to break.
The second point is the reason of runout. Carbide drill bit in the clamping, we have to pay attention to, the tip of the drill runout requirements to control within 2 wire, 2.0mm specifications should be controlled within 1 wire.
Thirdly, the drill bit is skewed. Drill is a self-rotating tool, the longer the suspension, the tool rotates up the more it jumps, the worse the centering effect will be, resulting in the beginning of drilling, the direction is not vertical. So deep hole machining, we must be a drill, short drill to play a guide, and then use a long drill.
Fourthly, it is the reason of chips. Many people in the use of carbide drills, line speed and feed, or accustomed to using high-speed steel cutting parameters, this is not right, will lead to accelerated wear of the drill bit, because your feed is too small, not broken chips and entangled chips will lead to breakage.

Fifthly, the quality of the drill is inconsistent. Can’t figure out when to dismantle the cutter, dismantle the cutter not in time to cause fracture.
Once the above problems are eliminated, carbide drills will give you a big surprise, life and efficiency are several times that of high-speed steel.
The market carbide mixed, first of all in the material on the domestic material imported material, raw material and recycled material. Coating is also a variety of good point of the big factory coating, and may want to 5 6 1 mm, but there is a small factory coating 3 hair 50 cents 1 millimeter, you think he difference is not big.

It is mentioned above that untimely removal of the cutter will cause the fracture of the carbide drill bit, so when should we remove the cutter, here are some suggestions for you.
First we have to look at the chips. Chip breaking effect is not good anymore, the state of the iron chip tends to become longer, and even have some form of burr or tear, which indicates that the knife edge has been worn out.
Second listen to the sound. Processing when there is a rattling sound changes greatly, feel the noise of extrusion or friction.
Third, look at the load. The load of the machine tool becomes larger, indicating that the cutting resistance is increasing, the edge of the drill is already wearing out.
It should be noted that the above three points, to reach any point, you need to replace the drill bit in a timely manner.