A:What do you mainly sell in your store?
H:HARTWANA is a well-known online supplier, specializing in all kinds of CNC tools, toolholders, CNC inserts, carbide tools, threaded tools, metal ceramics, CBN, PCD and other industrial other cutting tools, hardware tools, gauges, hardware mold accessories, instruments and meters, etc.

A:Do you have a trademark for your goods?
H:HATRWANA is our US trademark

A:Where is the origin of your products?
H:Our blades are of German, Taiwanese, and Japanese origin

A:What material are the blades made of?
H:Do you have a detailed description of each product?

A:Do you have both blades and shanks in stock?
H:Are all items that can be paid for in stock?

A:Are there discounts for corporate bulk orders?
H:Can I apply for a corporate discount?

A:Can you make custom-made knives?
H:You can make a customized plan for you

A:If payment is shipped?
H:There is an introduction explanation in the help center