A:What kind of support method do you use?

H:We provide paypal,bank transfer

A:Which courier service do you have?


A:Where do I ship my package from?

H:We have multiple warehouses in USA,Taiwan,Australia,Shanghai,China.

A:What is the status of my order?

H:I will send you the logistics tracking number

A:Can I change my address after I place an order?

H:Please contact us to change your address before your order is shipped.

A:Why didn’t I receive the order confirmation email?

H:If you did not receive an order confirmation email, please check your spam folder. Please write an email to the customer service team using your transaction ID.

A:Can I return or exchange an item after it has been signed for?

H:Of course you can, we have a corresponding service area.

A:How do I write a review?

H:After the package is delivered, please click the “Write a Review” button on the “My Reviews” page to write a review.

A:Is there any discount for your members?

H:Of course, there are some discounts.